The levels, which denote the level of action needed to stop the spread of the virus, are as follows:

  • Level 5 – drastic measures are required;
  • Level 4 – some activity can be allowed, subject to extreme requirements;
  • Level 3 – the easing on some restrictions on work and social activities;
  • Level 2 – further easing of restrictions, but the maintenance of social distancing;
  • Level 1 – most normal activity can resume, with caution and health guidelines followed at all times.

In a broad overview of level 4 of the lockdown, government has expanded the number of industries that can open, while maintaining strict prohibitions on movements and gatherings.

In summary, these are some of the key restrictions for level 4:

  • A curfew will be in effect from 20h00 to 05h00 each day;
  • Wearing of cloth masks will be mandatory when moving out of residence;
  • Essential goods will continue to be sold, joined by hardware supplies, winter clothing and heating, and other industry-related items;
  • Tobacco products will be back on sale;
  • Certain industries will only be able to open at half capacity;
  • E-hailing services are able to operate, while public transport is also limited;
  • No concerts, cinemas or public gatherings will be allowed;
  • No alcohol will be sold;
  • Exercise will be limited, with public gyms remaining closed;
  • Food delivery will be available, subject to the curfew.

As the country moves to lower levels, many of these restrictions ease up, with more industries able to operate at full capacity, while off-site consumption of alcohol will again be allowed.

At level 2 all levels of retail will be able to open, and domestic workers will be allowed to once again work at private households – and at level 1, all limits on movement are lifted – but hygiene practices and social distancing should still be observed.

According to Trade and Industry minister, Ibrahim Patel, the document is in draft format, and is a work in progress, and will be subject to change depending on commentary and engagement with various sector and stakeholders.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

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